H&M Move signs womenâs football ‘legend’ Nadia Nadim

H&M Move signs women’s football ‘legend’ Nadia Nadim


H&M Move

Women’s football received a huge publicity boost in Europe last year as the women’s Euros tournament generated massive audiences in person and on TV. And activewear brands have been riding this wave with female footballers proving popular ambassadors.

Nadim has an extra feel-good element to her story with the footballer having been forced to flee Afghanistan as a child. Moving from refugee status to international football star with more than 100 matches for the Danish national team, she speaks nine languages and is a Doctor of Medicine. 

That feeds perfectly into the profile of the modern brand ambassador who’s about more than just an attractive face/body or medal-winning sporting achievement. Consumers now like their icons to have much greater depth.

Nadia Nadim currently a plays professional football for Racing Louisville FC in the US National Women’s Soccer League. She has also represented Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, where she won the league titles, so her profile is high in both Europe and the Americas.

And in her first appearance for the brand she’s taking part in a “fierce but fun competition” with the label’s male football star Zlatan Ibrahimović. 

They’ve also both been photographed in H&M Move’s new seamless collection “with body enhancing structures for a more powerful touch”.

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