Mango to offer regenerative cotton items by 2024

Mango to offer regenerative cotton items by 2024

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As part of its sustainability strategy, Mango

Mango to sell items made from regenerative cotton by 2024 – Mango

In pursuit of this, the Spanish fashion group has partnered with Materra, a British-Indian company specializing in regenerative cotton cultivation and supply solutions. Fibers from regenerative agriculture are seen as instrumental in boosting the fashion industry’s sustainability, as they generate a positive environmental impact on the land, biodiversity, and the people involved in cultivation, as highlighted by Mango in a statement.

Moreover, the textile company will be able to ensure complete traceability across the value chain of its cotton, from seed to final garment. Indian farmers will gather soil and crop data using the Co:Farm platform, a part of Materra, aiding in monitoring indicators such as soil health or water usage.

“As a global fashion company, our intent is clear: to contribute to creating a fairer society and reduce the fashion industry’s impact on the environment. This is why we ally ourselves with key partners like Materra, which will help us accelerate our path to ensuring that 100% of the fibers we use are sustainable by 2030,” stated Andrés Fernández, Mango’s director of sustainability and sourcing.

This initiative is part of the fashion company’s sustainability strategy, titled “Sustainable Vision 2030”. This strategy encompasses efforts such as the launch of a denim collection following circularity principles earlier this year and the alliance with Pyratex, announced in conjunction with World Oceans Day.

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