Miista: Tradition and Craftsmanship Merge to Create Avant-Garde Footwear and Garments

Miista is a brand that brings together traditional craftsmanship and avant-garde design to create exceptional footwear and garments.

Founded by its proud designer and entrepreneur, the brand has gained international recognition for its braided designs, unique heel shapes, and captivating volumes that have even caught the attention of celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Miista’s journey began in 2011 with the launch of its first shoe collection, and over the past decade, the brand has achieved its desired level of success.

One of Miista’s core values is self-manufacturing, as the brand strives to integrate and preserve craftsmanship, even if it means incurring additional costs.

With a vision to train new generations in craftsmanship and fight to preserve European craftsmanship, Miista took the bold step of opening its own factory in Galicia, Spain.

The brand also emphasizes the importance of gender equality in the industry, with a workforce of 20 employees, of which only one is male.

In addition to footwear, Miista has expanded its product portfolio to include ready-to-wear items that maintain the brand’s avant-garde style at consistent prices.

The accessibility of its products is reflected in a price range of €160 to €300 for shoes produced in Portugal, while more intricate pairs produced in Alicante can reach up to €400.

Miista’s ready-to-wear items include knitwear starting at €200, blazers and coats up to €800, and denim priced around €300.

The brand sees clothing as a major part of its future business, investing heavily in its development.

Despite facing challenges like Brexit and the global pandemic, Miista has managed to make its business profitable and launch new projects, such as its apparel line.

Customer loyalty is a priority for the brand, which aims to improve sizing and customer support to minimize returns.

Miista’s community is essential, and the brand engages with its audience through podcasts that explore creative subcultures and diverse talent.

With its main markets in the US and France, Miista plans to expand its network of own stores and pop-up shops in strategic locations around the world.

Join the Miista movement, celebrate creativity, and experience the fusion of tradition and avant-garde design in their extraordinary footwear and garments..

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