Nicole Trunfio: Empowering Women and Mothers with Bumpsuit

Nicole Trunfio, founder of Bumpsuit, shares the story behind the brand’s creation.

Launched in 2020, Bumpsuit was born out of Nicole’s personal struggle to find fashionable and flattering maternity wear.

Dissatisfied with the expensive options available in the market, she decided to design an all-customized fabric bodysuit that would provide comfort and style, catering to the needs of women during and after pregnancy.

The initial products, namely Kate, Cindy, and Lucy bodysuits, quickly gained popularity for their versatility and support.

These bodysuits are suitable for office wear, offering both shape and comfort.

Additionally, the brand’s baby carrier has become a best-seller, providing functionality and back support for busy moms.

Nicole’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for empowering women and mothers have been the driving forces behind Bumpsuit’s success.

The brand prides itself on offering essential products that solve problems faced by women, while also being fashionable and practical.

The production of Bumpsuit’s products takes place primarily in LA and Asia.

Initially, Nicole explored manufacturing in China but switched to a high-end production factory in LA for faster delivery.

Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Bumpsuit has managed to keep their family business afloat by relocating production and maintaining a strong and dedicated team.

With their rapid growth and expanding customer base, Bumpsuit has found high demand in markets such as the US, particularly in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Canada is also a significant market for the brand.

Offering a unique combination of style, comfort, and functionality, Bumpsuit continues to empower women and mothers through their innovative products..

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