The Ultimate Guide to the Best Boob Tape in 2023

Boob tape is a beloved stylist hack for wearing tricky clothes without a bra.

Whether you own a comfortable bra or need extra support, there are times when traditional lingerie won’t do.

That’s where boob tape comes in.

Unlike silicone nipple covers and pasties, boob tape offers lift and shaping, making it ideal for deep-V-neck tops, bodysuits, and liquid, second-skin dresses.

Boob tape is designed to lift and hold breasts in place without the use of a traditional bra.

It can also be used to cover your nipples when wearing see-through, sheer, or fitted clothing.

Unlike sticky bras that are better suited for backless dresses, boob tape is best for plunging necklines and provides more customization for each outfit.

When choosing boob tape, look for a tape with strong adhesive that can support and hold up your breasts.

Bonus points if it’s water-resistant and hypoallergenic to avoid skin irritation.

Some experts recommend applying nipple covers before the tape to protect sensitive areas.

Tape that comes in various shades can also help you find the closest match to your skin tone.

To remove boob tape, avoid ripping it off your skin.

Instead, use warm water or lubricate the adhesive with lotion, moisturizer, or body oil.

Here are some of our favorite boob tape options recommended by experts and highly rated by consumers:


Brassybra Adhesive Bra (Three-Pack) – $38
Best Overall


Risque Body Tape – $15
Best for Larger Breasts


Nue Breast Tape – $10
Best for Small Breasts


KT Tape – $10
Best Sweatproof


Nood Shaping Breast Tape – $29
Best for Sensitive Skin

Discover the best boob tape options that provide the lift, support, and shaping you need for your favorite outfits.

Whether you’re petite or have a larger bust, there’s a tape option that’s perfect for you.

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