Explore the Untamed Jungle with the PUMA x P.A.M. Collection

Embark on a Jungle Journey in North Sumatra with the PUMA x P.A.M.


If you’ve never had the chance to explore the jungles of Northern Sumatra, the latest collaboration between PUMA and Australian cult brand P.A.M.

will take you on a vicarious adventure.

Through their BIO/VERSE project, the two brands are not only creating fashion-forward pieces, but also promoting their commitment to the environment.

P.A.M., along with DEEP Foundation, has been actively involved in supporting biodiversity monitoring surveys, community-led ranger patrols, and habitat restoration in North Sumatra.

It’s only fitting that they showcase their latest collection in the captivating and untamed jungle.

The campaign features Thaiboy Digital and his partner Cartoon as they explore and pay homage to the beauty and diversity of this hidden treasure.

The technical sportswear in this collection is infused with P.A.M.’s signature ‘psy-active’ energy.

The designs feature graphics that are inspired by nature and organic shapes found in the wild.

The collection includes functional utility pieces such as the Zip-Off Jacket, Reversible Cap, and Woven Pants, which are all designed to be lightweight, breathable, and ready for outdoor exploration.

The collaboration also introduces new footwear options, including the Prevail TRL, Clyde Rubber, and Trinomic Sandal, featuring bold colors and playful motifs that nod to P.A.M.’s aesthetic.

The PUMA x P.A.M.

collection is now available for purchase on puma.com, perksandmini.com, and in select flagship stores.

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