The Timeless Appeal of Striped Shirts

Are you tired of dadcore and normcore? Take a look at the stripey dress shirts that are making waves in fashion.

From runways to celebrities to fashion week events, striped shirts are everywhere.

These shirts, along with jorts and New Balance sneakers, are a win for middle-aged suburban men and the dadcore trend.

The most classic of these shirts feature blue and white vertical stripes, reminiscent of what a college professor would wear in the summer.

But there are countless variations to choose from, including butcher’s stripe, Bengal stripe, hairline stripe, and pinstripes.

The beauty of these vertically striped shirts is their timeless appeal, making them the perfect canvas for experimentation.

Labels like Comme Des Garcons have mastered the art of transforming striped shirts, using oversized silhouettes and false sleeves.

Other labels, like Y-Project and Dries Van Noten, have taken the comfort and normality of vertical stripes and pushed it into new territory.

From paired with jeans to create a bodysuit, to light semi-sheer versions, to layered pajama-style shorts, these designers have reinvented the striped shirt.

If you’re looking to add a striped shirt to your wardrobe, check out our favorite options below.

From normcore to statement-making, there’s a striped shirt for everyone..

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