TikTok’s Under-Eye Blush Trend: A Beauty Hack Worth Trying!

TikTok is a platform where users love to start beauty trends and share beauty hacks.

It has become a popular destination for both beauty experts and beginners.

When a product recommendation goes viral on TikTok, it quickly gets sold out.

Similarly, when a beauty tip goes viral, it spreads like wildfire and other users create their own videos trying out the trend.

One such trend gaining popularity is applying blush to the under-eye area.

@paintedbyspencer, a Los Angeles-based makeup artist, was one of the first to showcase this trend in a video.

They explain that blending blush up to the under-eye area adds a gorgeous glow to the complexion without being overwhelming.

The blush used is a subtle shade of pink that adds warmth and brightness.

Other TikTokers quickly jumped on the trend and tried it out for themselves.

Users like @stxph.h used a dot of Rare Beauty liquid blush under each eye and then added a dot of Tarte concealer before blending.

Much to their surprise, the final result actually helped color correct their dark circles.

The hack gained further validation from users like @aliciarev and @glowwithava who vouched for the effectiveness of using blush for under-eye circles.

@makeupbymonicaa, specifically addressed brown girls and recommended using an orange/coral blush as it not only looks better but also serves as a color corrector.

Meanwhile, @Daniellemarcan tried a pink blush for a cute rosy flush.

The under-eye blush trend is suitable for everyone, whether you want to conceal dark circles or simply achieve a more awake and brighter look.

Even beauty influencer Jackie Aina endorsed this hack in a video!

So, if you’re looking to try something new, go ahead and give it a go!.

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