Hailey Bieber’s Cozy Sweater Look Inspired by Rory Gilmore

Hailey Bieber is embracing the cozy sweater trend this season, drawing inspiration from Rory Gilmore.

Recently, Bieber sported a cream sweater reminiscent of Rory’s famous fisherman sweater from the Gilmore Girls pilot episode.

While the materials may differ, the color and oversized fit were spot on.

To put her own spin on the look, Bieber paired the sweater with ultra-thigh-high orange-and-black-striped boots.

She completed the ensemble with tiny oval sunglasses, gold earrings, and a cute claw clip for her hair.

Bieber shared the outfit on her Instagram Stories, capturing her fun-filled 48 hours with husband Justin Bieber and friend Kendall Jenner.

Despite Rory Gilmore’s polarizing reputation among Gilmore Girls fans, her fashion choices have gained popularity, thanks to the show’s resurgence on TikTok.

It seems that Bieber, who has faced her fair share of online criticism, can relate to the character’s journey..

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