Princess Diana Inspires Fashion Choices at ‘The Crown’ Premiere

Who doesn’t love an event with a theme? Especially when that theme is eternal style icon Princess Diana? For the part two premiere of ‘The Crown’, stars Emma Corrin, Meg Bellamy, and Elizabeth Debicki took direct fashion inspiration from white gowns once worn by their real life counterparts, Lady Di and Kate Middleton.

As pointed out by royal fashion journalist Elizabeth Holmes, Corrin, who played young Diana, paid homage to a white skirt suit and bowtie look worn by the late princess in 1985 in a custom Miu Miu ensemble.

Corrin’s look included an ivory blazer and black bowtie just like Diana’s, but they made the very modern choice to trade Diana’s matching skirt for a sheer version, revealing a pair of knee-high black boots underneath.

Debicki also portrays Diana in the series, and she also recreated a famous Diana look for the premiere in a sweeping Christian Dior gown embellished with jewels.

Debicki’s dress was reminiscent of a bridal-esque Murray Arbeid design that Diana wore on a trip to Washington, DC, in 1985.

Meanwhile, the simple Valentino gown worn by Bellamy, who plays Kate Middleton, was reminiscent of a Roland Mouret dress worn by Princess Kate in 2012.

If the actors’ interpretations of the royals’ lives in the final season of The Crown are as spot on as their interpretations of the royals’ fashion, we’re in for a very good season of television..

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