Marimekko Celebrates the 70th Anniversary of its Beloved Unikko Print

Marimekko, the Finnish design house renowned for its bold prints and vibrant colors, is commemorating the 70th anniversary of its iconic Unikko print with a series of major events and initiatives throughout 2023..

The Unikko print, featuring a stylized poppy flower, was created in 1951 by Maija Isola, one of Marimekko’s most celebrated designers. Originally intended as a temporary design, the print quickly gained popularity and became a symbol of Marimekko’s playful and optimistic aesthetic..

To mark this milestone, Marimekko has planned a year-long celebration that will encompass various events, collaborations, and special collections. The festivities will kick off with a major exhibition at the Design Museum in Helsinki, Finland, showcasing the evolution of the Unikko print and its impact on Marimekko’s design heritage. The exhibition will feature over 200 Unikko-printed items, including clothing, homeware, and accessories, as well as original sketches and photographs..

Throughout the year, Marimekko will also host a series of pop-up shops and events in key cities around the world, providing customers with an immersive experience of the Unikko print’s history and versatility. Collaborations with renowned artists and designers are also in the works, promising unique interpretations of the iconic pattern..

In addition to these events, Marimekko will launch several limited-edition Unikko collections, featuring new colorways and interpretations of the classic print. These collections will be available at Marimekko stores and selected retailers worldwide..

The 70th anniversary of the Unikko print is a testament to its enduring appeal and timeless design. Marimekko’s year-long celebration promises to be a joyous and vibrant affair, honoring the legacy of Maija Isola and the impact of the Unikko print on the world of design..

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