Emily Ratajkowski’s Thigh-High UGG Boots and Ultra-Low Rise Skirt Combo Is a Must-See

Emily Ratajkowskis Winter Fashion Is Already On Fire: See Her In Thigh-High UGG Boots, a Micro Mini Skirt, and More.

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski is known for her bold style, and she recently stepped out in a winter ensemble that was both cozy and chic. Ratajkowski wore a pair of thigh-high UGG boots with an ultra-low-rise skirt, a cropped sweater, and a long teddy coat. The look was both stylish and functional, and Ratajkowski pulled it off effortlessly..

Ratajkowski’s boots were made of a soft, shearling-like material and featured a flat, lug sole. They were tall enough to reach almost to her knees, and they kept her legs warm and protected from the cold. The boots were also incredibly comfortable, as Ratajkowski was able to walk around in them for hours without any issues..

The ultra-low-rise skirt that Ratajkowski wore was made of a black, stretchy material. It was very short, and it revealed a lot of skin. The skirt was also very tight, and it accentuated Ratajkowski’s curves..

Ratajkowski paired the skirt with a cropped sweater. The sweater was made of a gray, wool-like material and featured a cozy, turtleneck collar. The sweater was long enough to cover Ratajkowski’s stomach, but it was short enough to show off her midriff..

Finally, Ratajkowski completed the look with a long teddy coat. The coat was made of a soft, plush material and featured a hood. The coat was long enough to reach Ratajkowski’s ankles, and it kept her warm and comfortable in the cold weather..

Ratajkowski’s winter ensemble was both stylish and functional. The thigh-high UGG boots kept her legs warm and protected from the cold, while the ultra-low-rise skirt and cropped sweater showed off her curves. The long teddy coat kept her warm and comfortable in the cold weather. Overall, Ratajkowski’s look was a great example of how to dress for winter in a way that is both stylish and practical..

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