Francesca Grosso of Style Capital: On The Fund’s Latest Investment ‘Soeur’

In an interview with, Francesca Grosso sheds light on Style Capital’s recent acquisition of a majority stake in the emerging French label Soeur..


Francesca Grosso, Investment Director at Style Capital, a London-based private equity firm, recently sat down with to discuss the firm’s latest investment – Soeur, an up-and-coming French fashion brand. This interview delves into the rationale behind the investment, the unique attributes of Soeur, and Grosso’s vision for the brand’s future..

The Soeur Acquisition: A Strategic Move:.

Grosso begins by highlighting the strategic significance of the Soeur acquisition. She explains that the brand aligns perfectly with Style Capital’s investment criteria, which emphasizes brands with strong creative direction, a clear brand identity, and the potential for international growth..

The Allure of Soeur:.

Grosso lauds Soeur’s distinctive design aesthetic, which seamlessly blends contemporary and vintage elements. She commends the brand’s founder and creative director, Younghee Suh, for her exceptional talent in combining classic silhouettes with cutting-edge details, resulting in a timeless yet innovative collection..

Soeur’s Resilient Foundation:.

Grosso acknowledges the challenges faced by the fashion industry during the recent global pandemic. However, she expresses admiration for Soeur’s resilience throughout this period. The brand’s strong online presence, coupled with its ability to adapt quickly to the changing market conditions, has allowed it to emerge from the pandemic with a robust foundation..

Style Capital’s Role as a Catalyst for Growth:.

Grosso emphasizes Style Capital’s commitment to supporting Soeur’s growth trajectory. The firm’s investment will primarily focus on bolstering the brand’s infrastructure, expanding its retail footprint, and strengthening its digital capabilities. Grosso believes that these strategic investments will enable Soeur to tap into new markets and solidify its position as a prominent player in the global fashion scene..

Aligning Values and Ambitions:.

Grosso stresses the importance of shared values and ambitions between Style Capital and Soeur. Both entities are united in their pursuit of creative excellence, innovation, and sustainable growth. This alignment, she believes, will foster a productive and harmonious partnership..

A Glimpse into the Future:.

Grosso concludes the interview by expressing her excitement for Soeur’s future. She envisions the brand evolving into a global powerhouse, renowned for its unique aesthetic and unwavering commitment to quality. Grosso’s optimism stems from her belief in Younghee Suh’s creative vision and the unwavering support of Style Capital’s resources and expertise..

In summary, Francesca Grosso’s interview provides valuable insights into Style Capital’s latest investment in Soeur. She elucidates the strategic rationale behind the acquisition, highlights the brand’s distinctive attributes, and articulates Style Capital’s vision for Soeur’s continued growth and success..

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