Kohl’s Announces Board Transition, Appoints New Chair and Independent Director

Kohl’s Corporation, a leading American department store chain, has announced significant changes to its Board of Directors, including the appointment of a new Chair and an independent director. These moves mark a strategic transition for the company as it seeks to enhance its leadership and drive future growth..

Board Transition:.

1. Appointment of Thomas Kingsbury as Chair of the Board:.

Kohl’s has appointed Thomas Kingsbury, former CEO of Burlington Stores, as the new Chair of the Board, effective immediately. Kingsbury brings over four decades of retail experience to the role, having successfully led Burlington Stores through a period of significant growth and transformation. His expertise in merchandising, marketing, and customer engagement is expected to provide valuable guidance to Kohl’s as it navigates an evolving retail landscape..

2. Appointment of Richard Scheff as an Independent Director:.

Kohl’s has also appointed Richard Scheff, a seasoned retail executive and former CEO of Family Dollar Stores, as an independent director. Scheff’s extensive experience in the retail industry, particularly in developing and executing growth strategies, is expected to contribute to Kohl’s long-term success. His insights will be crucial as Kohl’s continues to enhance its omnichannel capabilities and strengthen its position in the fiercely competitive retail market..

Strategic Objectives:.

The appointments of Kingsbury and Scheff align with Kohl’s strategic objectives to:.

1. Accelerate Growth:.

The newly appointed leaders are expected to play a pivotal role in accelerating Kohl’s growth by leveraging their experience and expertise to drive innovation, optimize operations, and enhance customer experiences. Their insights will be instrumental in identifying new opportunities and developing strategies to capitalize on emerging trends in the retail sector..

2. Enhance Customer Engagement:.

Kohl’s recognizes the importance of engaging customers and building strong relationships. The new appointees are expected to contribute to initiatives aimed at improving the customer experience, both in-store and online. By understanding and responding to customer needs and preferences, Kohl’s aims to strengthen customer loyalty and drive increased sales..

3. Reinforce Financial Strength:.

Kingsbury and Scheff’s backgrounds in financial management and strategic planning will be essential in reinforcing Kohl’s financial strength. They will work closely with the company’s leadership team to optimize resource allocation, improve profitability, and ensure sustainable growth. Their expertise will help position Kohl’s for long-term success and resilience in the face of economic fluctuations..

4. Strengthen Corporate Governance:.

The appointments of Kingsbury and Scheff are part of Kohl’s commitment to strengthening its corporate governance practices. Their proven track records in leadership and their independent perspectives will bring added rigor and oversight to the Board’s decision-making processes, ensuring the highest standards of corporate governance and accountability..


The appointment of Thomas Kingsbury as Chair of the Board and Richard Scheff as an independent director marks a significant transition for Kohl’s as it embarks on a new chapter of growth. Their combined experience and expertise will be invaluable as Kohl’s navigates the ever-changing retail landscape, enhances customer engagement, reinforces financial strength, and strengthens corporate governance. These appointments underscore Kohl’s commitment to innovation, customer centricity, and long-term success..

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