True Capital Acquires Bench, Nicce, and Apparel Brands as Part of Rapid Expansion Strategy

**True Capital Acquires Bench, Nicce, and Apparel Brands as Part of Rapid Expansion Strategy**.

**New York, NY – June 28, 2023** – True Capital Management, a leading private equity firm focused on the consumer and retail sectors, today announced the acquisition of three renowned apparel brands: Bench, Nicce, and Apparel Brands. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in True Capital’s aggressive expansion strategy and underscores its commitment to building a portfolio of iconic and innovative brands..


Established in the Philippines in 1987, Bench has become a household name in Southeast Asia, known for its edgy and fashion-forward designs. With over 1,200 stores across the region, Bench has a loyal customer base and strong brand recognition. The acquisition of Bench will significantly enhance True Capital’s presence in the rapidly growing Southeast Asian market..


Founded in the UK in 1989, Nicce has gained a global following for its premium sportswear and streetwear. The brand’s distinctive aesthetic, which blends classic British style with contemporary influences, has resonated with fashion-conscious consumers worldwide. Nicce’s inclusion in True Capital’s portfolio will bolster the firm’s presence in the streetwear segment..

**Apparel Brands:**.

Apparel Brands, a leading manufacturer and distributor of branded apparel, owns a portfolio of popular brands including Champion, Tapout, and American Eagle. The acquisition of Apparel Brands will provide True Capital with access to a vast network of retail partners and a proven track record of success in the branded apparel industry..

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