New York Governor signs off textile act

New York Governor signs off textile act

New York Governor Kathy Hochul on Friday signed legislation to support New York’s textile manufacturing industry through a new bill that encompasses a series of new economic development programs for the Empire

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Dubbed the New York Textile Act, the legislation will help connect farmers who produce plant or animal fibers with the textile industry in ways that support innovation, sustainable development, and new marketing opportunities for plant and animal fibers that are grown in New York. In promoting the use of local textiles, the new bill hopes that “New York grown fiber from hemp, sheep, goats, alpaca and other sources will create new opportunities for farms and textile producers,” according to a release from the Governor’s press office.

Other parts of the legislation will include an annual farm recognition awards, state procurement process training for small businesses, and the Excelsior Jobs program for related New York products and processes.

“We are spooling together strong investments in textiles grown and manufactured in New York, helping ensure our businesses remain strong and innovative,” Governor Hochul said. “I am proud to sign this legislation, which will support New York farmers and lay the foundation for expanding the burgeoning textile industries that call this state home, helping spur economic growth for decades to come.”

Today, New York has some 900 fashion companies headquartered in the Empire State. Historically a leading textile-producing state, New York’s most recent programs such as the HudsonProject

“We created the New York Textile Act to make New York an economic and climate-fighting superpower in farm-grown textiles, and its signing today is a massive win that incentivizes this burgeoning manufacturing sector to soar,” added State Senator Michelle Hinchey. 

“Kickstarted by our legislation, the fabrics of the future will be grown on New York farms with small business incentives to support a statewide manufacturing ecosystem. New York will lead innovation in the fabric space, and I thank my fellow bill sponsor, Assemblymember Carrier Woerner, for her partnership on this industry-generating legislation and Governor Hochul for signing it.”

The legislation comes on the back of the Governor’s previously announced $10 million in state funding for the Fashion Innovation Center (FIC) in September. As first announced, the FIC will solicit, evaluate, and oversee projects focused on addressing industry challenges and opportunities, with priority given to those involving the use of New York State crops and material inputs. That’s in addition to cultivating technology that accelerates sustainability in the fashion and textile industry.

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