RYU Apparel CFO, COO step down

RYU Apparel CFO, COO step down

Urban athletic apparel maker RYU Apparel is once again making management changes, as it announces a corporate headquarter move from its home in Vancouver, Canada, to Toronto. 

RYU Apparel announces leadership changes. – RYU Apparel

After just six months in his role, Robert Lelovic has stepped down as chief financial officer. The company said it has also accepted the resignation of chief operating officer Robert Blair. 

Lelovic was recognized for bringing two decades of experience building public companies from Silicon Valley technology companies to the energy sector in the Canadian Oil Fields and the Financial District of Toronto.  

Likewise, Rob Blair was appointed COO in January 2021, as the company announced a new growth strategy aimed at helping RYU to reach a goal of $100 million in revenue by 2025. Blair previously worked with brands such as Red Bull, Lululemon, GapNike

“These changes are what is best for the company now as we restructure our operations to build and grow the many advanced technology partnerships and alliances that will help achieve our goal of being a socially responsible aspirational global lifestyle brand,” said CEO, Cesare Fazari. 

“Respect Your Universe (RYU) is the basis of our brand and our operations, and we will continue to lead the market through hard work and a focus on execution.”

The brand’s founding-CEO Marcello Leone resigned in 2020 leaving Fazari to be named chairman of the board and CEO. Leone took it upon himself to reinvent RYU in 2015. He first invested in the apparel line in 2011 and fully acquired it in 2015, overseeing its transformation from mixed-martial-arts brand to athletics maker.

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