Le Printemps launches a virtual fashion brand

Le Printemps launches a virtual fashion brand

The Printemps

Created by the virtual fashion specialist Republiqe, the first collection for fall 2022 is called “Magnetic Vibes”: it includes nearly 40 pieces that are sold on the Printemps e-shop between 7 and 20 euros each. These cyber-clothes are made in 3D from software – not fabric – that can be associated with an avatar or a photo. This allows users to change their outfit endlessly on social networks or video games, without having to pay too much money.

With this new kind of collection, Le Printemps offers the possibility to buy a trench coat, an oversized quilted down jacket, an ultra futuristic bionic bodysuit, a hoodie in “fake” fur, quilted cargo pants, patent leather sneakers, heeled boots, tops and crop tops, or handbags… And a coat for dogs and cats. Green, Printemps’s new signature colour, dominates the palette of the collection.


To get your virtual look, there is a procedure to follow. At the time of payment, on the e-shop, the customer must send a photo of himself in underwear, swimsuit or tight-fitting outfit, so that the chosen model is adjusted to his silhouette. He must then wait 72 hours to receive his visual, which he can post on social networks. Printemps is already preparing its virtual collection for the end of the year celebrations.

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