Bastiaan Woudt’s oversized hat silhouettes on display in Los Angeles

Bastiaan Woudt’s oversized hat silhouettes on display in Los Angeles

The Fahey Klein Gallery in Los Angeles is exhibiting until March 18 the work of Dutch photographer Bastiaan Woudt. A self-taught artist, whose photographic work began a decade ago, and whose elegant female silhouettes in black and white have earned him exhibitions around the world.

Bastiaan Woudt, Dots (2021)

Inspired by the great masters of photography, such as Man Ray or Irving Penn
“Bastiaan’s photographs do not start with mood boards or tear sheets,” explained Fahey Klein Gallery in its artist presentation. “Instead, he moves with his subjects in a predefined space to find his photography. By maneuvering in this manner, he allows the image to reveal itself. Artists have photographed the body and person since the invention of the camera. Bastiaan Woudt’s unique perspective finds new way to see the human form.”

Stratum, Bastiaan Woudt (2021)

The exhibition also presents the monograph Rhythm which gathers on more than 500 pages the photographer’s work. In the past decade, he has published seven books and been featured in numerous magazines such as Numero Magazine and National Geographic. His also has launched his own publishing house, 1605 Publishers, which is a platform for emerging and established artists and a publishing house for photographic books and objects.

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