French inventory-pooling platform Stockly raises â12 million

French inventory-pooling platform Stockly raises €12 million

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Stockly, the French digital platform that helps e-tailers pool and share inventory to avoid stock-outs, has announced it has raised €12 million in capital. Stockly will use the funding to expand across Europe. The funding round involved Eurazeo

The staff of Parisian start-up Stockly – Stockly

Stockly was founded in 2018, and its solutions are already in use at Galeries LafayetteDecathlonGo Sport

Stockly is able to digitally share the inventory of the various e-tailers that use its tools, boosting stock depth for each of them. The solution is invisible to customers, as the various stakeholders request neutral packaging. If a product is available from a number of different inventories, Stockly’s algorithm will decide where to source it based on price, distance to customer and service quality.

“The funds raised will enable Stockly to grow its team of 50 employees, with many positions opening up in Paris (notably within the tech and business development teams) and to increase its number of European business partners,” said co-founders Eliott Jabès and Oscar Walter, who graduated respectively from the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and the École Normale Supérieure.

The founders are also keen to tap the funds raised in this funding round to grow their network of partner merchants in Europe. In April 2021, Stockly raised start-up funding worth $5.1 million, with backing from the Idinvest and Daphni investment funds, and from business angels like Guillaume Pousaz of payments firm Checkout.

Eliott Jabès and Oscar Walter – Stockly

Stock outages have become a key issue in online sales, especially for the fashion sector, where the number of products, sizes and colour variations pose specific problems. An issue that is all the more crucial because brands have massively streamlined their inventories, in order to reduce the value of unsold stock at the end of each season.

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