Supreme opens giant store in West Hollywood

Supreme opens giant store in West Hollywood

One week after the opening of the new Supreme store in Los Angeles, the queue has not diminished. Every day, count 30 minutes minimum to enter, and four bodyguards, with headphones and walkie-talkie in hand, taking care to bring everyone in.

Supreme is now on Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, Los Angeles

In the line, mainly teenagers, accompanied by their moms, couples, skateboard fans in caps, men and women with tattoos, streetwear addicts, are dressed with Supreme clothes or accessories. The same customers as in the old store in the Fairfax district, where Supreme’s second address opened in 2004, ten years after New York, all very happy leaving the store with the white-and-red logo bag on it.
Leaving the historic streetwear district, Supreme chose the former Tower Records store on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, located just across from the Cook Book store and known for attracting all the music legends for performances and signings, including Rod Stewart, Aerosmith and Dolly Parton. 

Supreme new store on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles

In the 8,500-square-foot space, now completely transformed and partly glazed, Supreme’s store has a wooden skate bowl, an impressive structure, designed by the artist Steven Badgett and his artistic collective Simparch, with access through the second floor but unfortunately forbidden to the public.
On the waxed concrete floor, Supreme’s team put a racing car, painted and graffitied in all colors, driven by a character Lego

The wooden skate bowl at Sunset Supreme’s store – Supreme

The rule for any customer who has waited more than 30 minutes: don’t leave here empty-handed. With a collection of T-shirts sold at $40, a skateboard at $60, the broke teenager is happy. Sequined varsity jackets sell for nearly $400, and moms can leave with a real red Supreme Staub casserole for the same price.

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