Inditex increases production in Spain by 13% compared to before the pandemic

Inditex increases production in Spain by 13% compared to before the pandemic

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Inditex headquarters in Arteixo – Inditex

In 2021, the group’s Spanish factories (located in the Galician towns of Arteixo and Narón) invoiced the company 1.17 billion euros, a figure that contrasts with the 1.03 billion in 2019, according to the economic newspaper Expansión based on the accounts filed with the Mercantile Registry.

This production figure is the highest in the last five years and double that of 2020, the year of the outbreak of the pandemic.

The increase in Inditex’s production in Spain stems from complications in the global supply chain (especially in Asian markets). This has led the group to focus on what it considers to be local production, which accounts for 60% of its purchases and comprises Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Morocco. 

The textile giant has 10 of its own production plants in Galicia, which set the group’s standard for the rest of its suppliers and manufacturers. In global terms, the company worked with 1,790 suppliers worldwide and 8746 mills in the last financial year, mostly in apparel, spinning and weaving, but also in non-textile products, printing, finishing, washing, dyeing and cutting. In the Spanish market, the Galician company purchased goods from 162 external suppliers.

Inditex, which had a total turnover of 27.72 billion euros in 2021, closed the first nine months of fiscal year 2022 with a net profit of 3.10 billion euros and sales of 23.1 billion euros, up 19% compared to the same period of the previous year.

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