Trussardi refreshes brand image and logo

Trussardi refreshes brand image and logo

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Trussardi has recently unveiled a new logo and image strategy, while the first collection by the two designers will be presented during the forthcoming Milan Fashion Week

The Trussardi headquarters near Milan’s La Scala opera house will soon be fully renovated –

The building will be given a complete make-over and new look, and is set to re-open in the second part of the year, becoming another key element in the label’s new brand identity. The first stage of Trussardi’s rejuvenation is the introduction of a redesigned logo with a “contemporary, timeless” feel. The lettering in ‘Trussardi’ has subtly changed, still faithful to the original but taking on a more “harmonious, well-spaced” form, while the house logo, the famous greyhound, has been instead entirely redesigned in a circular, ring-like shape akin to a uroboros, the mythical symbol of a serpent or dragon biting its tail.

The greyhound design had been chosen as the long-established Italian label’s logo in 1973, for its sophisticated, sporting allure. Trussardi, a glove maker founded in Bergamo in 1911, was at the time diversifying in all directions and turning into a genuine lifestyle brand, and was one of the first labels to pick a highly recognisable symbol for its brand identity. In 2014, a greyhound wearing the label’s products took centre stage in a memorable advertising campaign for Trussardi.

The new Trussardi logo – Trussardi

In the last few years, Trussardi has changed tack several times, essentially relying on its archives to create new collections. More recently, the management team has been strengthened and the post of creative director has been introduced, the label now deliberately targeting a multi-generational audience and adopting values like social and environmental responsibility, diversity and inclusivity.

Trussardi is focused exclusively on the main line and has radically streamlined its distribution network, which now consists of some 60 monobrand stores and about 30 franchised ones, as well as 900 multibrand retailers, while it has made significant progress with its e-tail presence. Italy is Trussardi’s main market, followed by Russia, East Europe and China.

Ready-to-wear accounts for half of the label’s sales, and the rest is generated by leather goods, especially footwear and handbags, by watches, fragrances – managed under licence by Angelini Beauty – and the home decoration line.

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