Pentland Brands makes strides with sustainability moves

Pentland Brands makes strides with sustainability moves

Forget talking the talk, Pentland

Pentland Brands

This includes 16 million consumers impacted by Pentland Brands’ initiatives “to help people live positive, active, sustainable lifestyles” while 165,000 people have benefited from “important support provided across UK communities”. 

Additionally, the company has signed up to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), committing it to publish “a clear carbon reduction roadmap to reach net zero in alignment with the Paris Agreement”. 

A year ago, Pentland Brands unveiled and promised action in delivering an ambitious 100-1-0 positive business goals by its centenary year in 2032. This included helping 100 million consumers “live positive, active, sustainable lifestyles”, to improve the lives of one million people in its communities, and to be a net zero business by 2032.

And the work completed as part of the programme “has already been significant” through its products, campaigns and brand activations. These include Speedo

The brand also celebrated World Ocean Day by sharing ways to change the tide on climate change, educating consumers on how they can reduce their environmental impact when it comes to swimming and swimwear.

It also launched the Berghaus brand free repairs service, Repairhaus, which has repaired nearly 5,000 items to keep its gear in use and out of landfill. Berghaus is also a supporter of non-profit organisation OUTO (Opening Up the Outdoors).

Meanwhile, the Kickers

Sports brand Ellesse

Finally, the Canterbury

Sara Brennan, positive business director for Pentland Brands, said: “While it can sometimes be easy to set ambitious goals, using them as criteria for employee and business success demonstrates we’re taking action in the areas where we can make a genuine impact. While we know there’s always more to do, I’m proud of what we’ve achieved and look forward to sharing how we continue to deliver for people and our planet in 2023.” 

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