16 Actually Cute Workout Bodysuits to Embrace the Unitard Trend

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Workout clothes no longer stop at leggings. Case in point? The jumpsuit’s sportier sister, the workout bodysuit. The glorified onesie is nothing new—cue classic workout videos starring Jane Fonda and Suzanne Somers—but today’s version brings the 1980s into 2022. The beauty of the unitard is that it is both surprisingly versatile and comfortable, depending on its silhouette and the fabric you choose.

For starters, you can take the activewear route and wear a workout jumpsuit while actually working out—as long as you choose wisely. These performance leotards can act as a second skin during low-impact exercises like barre, dance, or Pilates. (For high-intensity activities—or if you plan on doing inversions doing a yoga session—find a unitard with full-body compression, which can help support you.) Consider one-piece styles with breathable fabrics like a cotton-nylon blend, sweat-wicking capabilities, and built-in shelf bras, no sports bras needed. And don’t forget the neckline, which can range from scoop neck to V-neck and beyond.

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