Jada Holmes Turns Everyday Things Into Fashion—And Goes Viral in the Process

Have you ever looked at a bottle of Hidden Valley ranch dressing or a bag of Ruffles potato chips and thought, That would look cute as a purse? That’s exactly what Jada Holmes thinks. Photos of the 23-year-old Richmond, California, resident have permeated social media that show her taking everyday items—including a gasoline canister and a literal table—and turning them into unexpected accessories, and the results are oddly enticing. 

Using the handle @afropuffjada, Holmes has amassed more than 525,000 followers on TikTok and 103,000 on Instagram for her unique style, though her intention wasn’t to showcase her creative sense of style. Holmes said she initially joined TikTok to try her hand at posting comedy videos, but after seeing the reaction people had to her outfits, she decided to lean more into her love of fashion and see what happened. 

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