Can a Pair of Socks be So Sustainable That You Can Wear Them For a Week? 

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With an eye toward the circular economy and the future of style, Glamour will examine the big business of fashion’s secondhand market, which is poised to double in size (to $77 billion) in the next five years with our Restyled series, which will run throughout the month of April. 

Socks are not controversial, even on an internet that often erupts into a debate about hygiene: How often should you shower? Is it necessary to wash your legs? We side-eye at communal bathroom sinks, vigorous scrubbers squinting at handwashing minimalists and vice versa. The aluminum-deodorant crowd viciously judges the natural-deo community. The phrase “How often…” typed into a Google search autofills with “…should you wash your hair?” The human body oozes, sweats, and sheds; keeping it clean is an endless, and strangely contentious, task. 

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