Walmart and Rubi Laboratories launch zero-waste carbon capture pilot

Walmart and Rubi Laboratories launch zero-waste carbon capture pilot



Walmart and Rubi Laboratories have announced pilot projects aiming to capture carbon emissions from manufacturers and facilities in the Walmart supply chain and convert them into a garment prototype – with zero waste.

The manufacturing pilot will examine how Rubi’s technology could be integrated at a larger scale in the Walmart supply chain and test the capture of carbon emissions at some of Walmart’s own facilities. The brand pilot will test Rubi’s fibre performance in a prototype garment, with a goal of producing garment samples. If successful, a larger apparel collection could follow and be available in our stores.

“At Rubi, our goal is to ensure a thriving future by restoring earth’s ecological balance with re-imagined supply chains,” said Neeka Mashouf, co-founder and CEO of Rubi Labs. “Walmart’s ability to mobilise positive impact across its supply chain of diverse US partners could be massively impactful in scaling our production and delivering on our commitments. We’re thrilled to partner with them.”

Walmart’s sustainability efforts are grounded in Rubi’s belief that it can use the scale to have a positive impact everywhere it operates, meaning doing more good, not just less harm. Importantly, sustainable should also mean affordable, so it can also focus on prototyping an apparel line that can be produced at scale and widely available to customers – who seek the right value and price in what they purchase in stores. Rubi Laboratories is confident that, if successful in these pilots, there is a real possibility of creating garments that offer value and contribute to a better environment for everyone – and think that customers will be excited to be a part of that.

“At Walmart, we’re helping make the sustainable choice the affordable choice as we continue our journey to becoming a regenerative company. And that means tackling complex problems and finding innovative solutions across our supply chain. We see great potential beyond apparel as these pilots could have implications across so many products and industries: packaging, building materials, food and even the creation of new raw material. The possibilities are staggering, and we’re excited to see where this journey takes us as we work toward a more sustainable and equitable future,” Walmart said on its website.

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