Patagonia launches campaign to boost ocean health

Patagonia launches campaign to boost ocean health

Thursday is World Oceans Day 2023 and to mark that, Patagonia


The outdoor apparel brand is “mobilising individuals and calling on governments to end the harmful practice of bottom trawling, a method of fishing that is extremely harmful to ocean health and biodiversity”.

The campaign includes films, a website, a petition, and events across Europe. For instance, on the evening of 14 June, it will be hosting an event at Village Underground in London. This will be dedicated to “the stories of people taking matters into their own hands and showing us how we can work with, not against, our ocean”.

The company is working with NGO partners including Bloom, Blue Ventures, ClientEarth, Environmental Justice Foundation, Oceana and Seas At Risk.

In place of bottom trawling, Patagonia is using the campaign and films to promote regenerative alternatives such as 3D ocean seaweed farming and restoring seagrass. 

Beth Thoren, environmental action & initiatives director, EMEA, said: “Throughout my life, I have always felt connected to the ocean, from my early career as a ship engineer to, later, being a crew mate on a Sea

“Our European leaders have the power in their hands to make lasting positive change by stopping bottom trawling and supporting a just transition to practices that restore the ocean. We’re asking ocean defenders everywhere, from surfers, swimmers and those who simply love to walk or paddle at the beach, to coastal communities and fishers, to link arms and send the message that we care.”

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