After All That, Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber Are Back in Coordinating Outfits

Perhaps Justin and Hailey Bieber read your think piece. And the Substacks. And the Instagram comments. And the tweets, which simultaneously described this moment as “disrespectful” and “liberating” because the couple happened to have dressed in different kinds of outfits to go pick up some doughnuts (after Hailey’s Rhode Skin press events). Hailey was dressed in an LRD (a little red dress) and Justin was dressed in a hoodie and Crocs.


People love to read the runes of a private relationship on the most inconsequential of ephemera, and the internet has given a new lens through which all pop cultural phenomena can be ruthlessly examined. “It is enough!” I imagine Hailey Bieber might have said, before calling up Dani Michelle and getting the stylist to organize like-for-like outfits: outsized leather jackets, straight-legged jeans, and the same shade of T-shirt.


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