The Miniskirt Trend Isn’t Only for the Young

Beth Djalali, a 63-year-old living in Athens, Georgia, remembers the first miniskirt she ever saw. “When they first sprang on the scene, during the 1960s, I was just a young girl,” she says. “When Twiggy came out with the miniskirt and minidresses, it was just very cool, very different from what we’d had.” In the late 1980s and the ’90s, when miniskirts cycled back into fashion, Djalali was a young mom. Years passed, and in the 2000s, when Djalali was in her 40s, the holy teen trinity of Lohan, Hilton, and Spears brought 2000s hemlines to a newly outrageous level. Recently Djalali watched the second season of Emily in Paris. The skirts, she says, looked very familiar. 

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