Fashion Trends To Try in 2023, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Fashion trends are always evolving — but understanding your zodiac sign will help you find the perfect style to align with. In 2023, you will find that you’re connecting with trends that speak to your soul. Meaning, they’ll have a unique appeal to your innermost sentiments and make you feel amazing when wearing them — even if you do or don’t choose to share your looks on TikTok or social media.

Since the new year is already here, check out which fashion trends you should dabble with in 2023 based on your astrological sign. Scroll on for style inspo, guided by the stars themselves.

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Aries: The Weird Aesthetic

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

The reason why you’re aligned with the weird aesthetic isn’t because you are wacky per say — it’s more so to do with your fiery personality and inclination towards prints that don’t match (but look fabulous together like Portia in ). Being that you are feeling larger-than-life and ready to level up your life — it’s important to wear clothing that speaks to your wild, eclectic, and sparky nature.  

Free People Emerson Plaid Crop Pullover


Argyle Sweater Miniskirt


Taurus: Plazacore

Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

Real talk: You enjoy wearing fancy outfits and would even consider indulging your hedonistic lifestyle by lazing around your house in a frilly designer dress if you could. Eloise from Eloise at The Plaza is your fashion guru this year — making haute couture, tweed, skirt suits, and a small patent Telfar bag some of your go-to items while you attend high tea. 

Endless Rose Long Sleeve Minidress


Gemini: Dark Academia


Being a brainiac can have an effect on your fashion sense (and it will in 2023). By drawing inspiration and school spirit from the uniforms at Nevermore and Hogwarts, you’ll be able to create the most amazing chic outfits consisting of argyle sweater vests, striped ties, button down shirts, duffle coats, Mary Jane shoes, and a briefcase — in muted and subdued colors, of course.

AE Low-Rise Pleated Plaid Mini Skirt


Hanna Loafer


Cancer: Athleisure

NDZ/Star Max/GC Images

Comfort is your ultimate aesthetic. All the more reason why you’ll be ditching your skinny jeans for sweatpants, joggers, leggings, bike shorts, and sweatpants in 2023. The good thing about athleisure is that you can wear it anywhere. Also, there are many options (like colors, fabrics, styles, and items) to choose from to satisfy your ever changing moods and feel snug as a bug. 

Yitty Major Label Smoothing Cross-Front Bralette


Yitty Major Label Shaping High Waist Logo Legging


Leo: Barbiecore 


You like to get attention from onlookers wherever you go because their positive and affirming comments about your wardrobe make you feel special — which is why you’ll choose to dazzle your admirers by wearing the barbiecore aesthetic whenever you get the chance to dress up. Hopefully, you will find a convertible pink dress that elevates your casual attire to a gown! Here’s wishing! 

JW PEI Abacus Bag


Virgo: The Clean Aesthetic 

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Your personal motto is “cleanliness is next to godliness.” Not only does this relate to the need to have moral purity but also the desire for a simple aesthetic. This means wearing basic tees with matching blazers and jeans that allow your skin to glow in the sunlight and hair to blow in the wind (without messing up your hairdo of course). 

Open Edit Crop Herringbone Blazer


Signature And Stone Chain Necklace


Libra: Indie Sleaze 

Chiaki Nozu/WireImage

No one but you could make indie sleaze look posh. Your innate style, eye for balance, and fashion sense will lead you to blending vintage concert tee shirts with a plaid mini skirt, motorcycle coat, ripped tights, and Converse low tops for a simple evening out. People will think you put a lot of money into your outfit — when you actually hit up thrift shops.



Scorpio: Goth 

Noam Galai/Getty Images

Some looks never go out of style. Even though the goth aesthetic is your tried and true vibe — it’ll still be a focal part of your wardrobe in 2023. You may want to give it a whimsical twist or evolve it by adding rich gemstone colors here and there — but for the most part you will keep it classic with your oversized black trench coat, corsets, and platform shoes. 

Free People Midnight Hour Lace Sleeve Velvet Minidress


Sagittarius: Cabincore 

Getty Images

Your desire for adventure and wanderlust sentiments can lead you to places that you never imagined — even to a cabin (or cottage) in the woods for some R & R. Hefty flannel shirts in an array of different colors, quilted jackets with varying prints, corduroy pants or jeans, warm socks that slightly peak out, along with a wool beanie in a contrasting color will set the mood.

Snuggly Sweetheart Cream Teddy Jacket


Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Blanket Scarf


Capricorn: Bloomcore


Being an earth sign means that you find solace and comfort in nature (it’s your happy place). Therefore, you’ll relish the chance to add some of the elements of bloom — like the amulets which carry real grass in them, bold floral printed sweaters, Fair Isle sweaters, mushroom intarsia vests, combat boots, wicker baskets, and crystal necklaces — all in shades of green, pink, orange, red, brown. 

ASOS DESIGN Boucle Floral Design Knit Sweater


Aquarius: Cybercore


Since you’re always on the hunt for new and inventive ways to express yourself through clothing — you will find that cybercore is the ultimate style for your unique tech obsessed interests. Being forward thinking by nature can help reinvent this Y2K look with pleather or vinyl dresses, sheer printed shirts, and cool chokers.

Keagan Silk Dress


Diesel 1DR-Pouch Crossbody Bag


Pisces: Balletcore

John Shearer/Getty Images

Your poetic and lyrical soul will love dancing through 2023 in ballet inspired clothing. From whimsical tutus to cozy leg warmers to sparkly tights — your imaginative spirit and romantic personality will find merriment in making pliés and pirouettes around town while doing errands. All of these reasons, plus your admiration of art, music, and dance, will inspire you to incorporate balletcore into your wardrobe.

Lola May Wrap Front Mini Skirt


Cole Haan Ballet Flats


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