Jennifer Lopez Celebrated Her 54th Birthday by Dancing on a Table in a Slinky White Dress

Jennifer Lopez turned 54 years old on July 24, and like a true Leo, she marked the special occasion with several outfits that screamed, “I’m a star.” Not that she wasn’t a star already, but it’s a bigger deal right now than usual, which for J.Lo is really saying something.

On Tuesday, July 25, Jennifer Lynn Affleck dropped a carousel on her Instagram grid in honor of her own birthday. The carousel includes an image of her dancing on top of a table with her hands in the air while wearing a slinky white sequined maxidress, surrounded by people whose hands are also in the air. The second photo is a portrait of J.Lo showing off said white dress, which she styled with a playful updo, green drop earrings, and a diamond bracelet.

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In the other photos in the carousel, J.Lo reveals her take on Oppenheimercore in a black fedora, black printed bikini, and a sheer black-and-white tunic. She accessorized the beachy look with oversize statement jewelry, including a chunky silver chain necklace, a long gold pendant necklace, and mammoth gold hoops from Misho, which can be yours for $226.

In the caption, Lopez wrote, “Birthday mood…all month!! Always a good day when Lola comes to play… #OnTheJLo: Birthday Edition coming soon.” Lola, of course, being her party girl alter ego and the inspiration behind her brand of spritzers, Delola, because you know Jen will never miss an opportunity to market her own products (especially on her birthday).

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