Jimmy Lion reimagines its brand identity with a new logo

Jimmy Lion reimagines its brand identity with a new logo

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Jimmy Lion, the Spanish sock brand, is unveiling a fresh brand identity as it approaches its 10th anniversary. As part of its ongoing strategic development, the company has announced the launch of a more modern and daring brand identity, all the while staying faithful to its core DNA.

The sock brand unveils its new brand identity – Jimmy Lion

The first step in this rebranding effort is the introduction of a new logo. The new logo features a bolder, more legible typeface and a simplified, streamlined version of its iconic lion head. Through this change, the brand aims to present a more authentic and robust image.

According to the company, this identity renewal is built on four fundamental pillars. First, there’s a commitment to quality, maintaining 100% European production, specifically in Italy and Portugal, and the use of top-quality raw materials. Second, creativity is a cornerstone of their collections, with original designs and capsule collections paying tribute to artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat or Frida Kahlo.

The use of materials such as 100% certified organic cotton or Econyl, a type of nylon regenerated from marine waste, reflects the brand’s emphasis on sustainability. Simultaneously, they remain focused on their social mission, aiming to “have a positive impact on society through projects and organizations that promote creativity.”

The brand’s new logo features a more simplified aesthetic, with a more legible and bold typography – Jimmy Lion

Founded in 2014 by Spaniards Felipe Cortina and Álvaro Gomis, Jimmy Lion initially operated solely online. In 2018, they opened their first flagship store on Madrid’s Fuencarral Street and have since opened two more establishments in Madrid and Barcelona. Their e-commerce presence spans over 50 countries worldwide, with official offices in Madrid, Mexico, and New York.

Financially, the brand saw a 40% increase in revenue in its last fiscal year, reaching 5 million euros. Looking ahead, they’re targeting 9 million euros in revenue for the year 2023, bolstered by the internationalization of their commercial network.

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