How Vintage Enthusiasts Score Their Secondhand Gems

With an eye on the circular economy and the future of style, Glamour examines the big business of fashion’s secondhand market, which is poised to double in size (to $77 billion) in the next five years with our Restyled series, which will run throughout the month of April. 

It came to me like a psychedelic flash in the corner of my eye. What once was a mundane, gray subway ride turned into a kaleidoscope of colors, woven intricately into a small square that was perched in the crook of a woman’s arm. What was the object of my affection? A multicolored limited-edition Marni Market Tote. I was enchanted by the bag and immediately began my shopping ritual. I visited the brand’s New York City boutiques; I obsessively refreshed its website for new drops; I hit up eBay, Matches Fashion, and TheRealReal. I probably spent two weeks tracking down the style I wanted before discovering this neon-hued dream on Vestiare Collective. I DM’d with the seller, who was based in Italy, and made my offer. 

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