Puma’s Voices of a Re:Generation Initiative taps Aishwarya Sharma

Puma’s Voices of a Re:Generation Initiative taps Aishwarya Sharma

Global sports giant Puma

Puma’s Voices of a Re:Generation Initiative taps Aishwarya Sharma. – Puma

In this role, Sharma, hailing from Delhi, India, joins Puma’s lineup of forward-thinking individuals as part of the brand’s year-long project to bolster its sustainability endeavors through collaborations with young environmentalists. 

In particular, she will explore the opportunities and challenges faced by the brand in the area of sustainability, whilst making recommendations for actionable change. She will also work with Puma to improve the way it communicates sustainability to its India-based audience.

Sharma will collaborate with Puma’s current Young Voices, including Andrew Burgess, a US-based upcycler; Luke Jaque-Rodney, a Germany-based sustainable and healthy living vlogger; and Jade Roche, a France-based visual artist and creative consultant

Sharma is well-known for her commitment to driving change towards a more sustainable fashion industry and has made a name for herself for her beliefs around women’s rights, fashion, social media and climate change at events such as COP27.

“My passion as a sustainability advocate lies in increasing awareness. I think it’s so important for people in my community and across the world to understand what is really going on in sustainability and this partnership with Puma will grant me an inside view of how a large corporation tackles such a hugely important and complex challenge,” said Sharma. 

“Being able to have a voice in how Puma communicates sustainability is also a great opportunity to drive change and set a precedent across the industry and I’m very much looking forward to that.”

Launched earlier this year in April, Puma’s Voices of a Re:Generation initiative seeks to empower a cohort of Young Voices who can provide valuable input alongside key stakeholders. The initiative allows these young minds to contribute to Puma’s efforts to identify crucial areas for improvement.

The Young Voices have already held discussions with key figures at Puma and they have also produced the Puma Re:Gen Reports and a podcast series designed to engage younger generations in sustainability and Puma’s 10FOR25 sustainability targets.

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