Hailey Bieber’s Classic and Personal Style: Embracing Quiet Luxury

Always one to pick up on a fashion trend early (she helped kick-start the return of the exposed thong and this summer’s highlighter swimsuit craze), it’s no surprise that the 26-year-old model has largely scaled back on some of her favorite ’90s and Y2K-inspired ensembles in favor of the “quiet luxury” aesthetic that we’ve heard so much about on TikTok.Of course, it’s quite easy to pull off quiet luxury or stealth wealth when you actually have the funds to purchase logoless designer pieces that will stand the test of time, but Bieber manages to maintain a sense of modernity that is often lost while scrambling to build a capsule wardrobe.

For example, she recently paired an oversized trench coat with a rich suede ultra-mini skirt and black chunky loafers, resulting in a look that’s both timeless and bold.Apart from oversized versions of classic outerwear, which has become somewhat of a Hailey Bieber signature, the model’s other go-to item for any trend cycle is an obvious one: the little black dress.

Whether she’s looking to evoke the early aughts or channel Audrey Hepburn at a Tiffany & Co.

opening, it seems she has an LBD for every aesthetic and occasion.Most recently, on May 10, she shared a snap of herself in a sultry, silky version of the look on Instagram Stories, featuring a black bra top and full-length skirt, which she paired with minimal jewelry and accessories.

While this look certainly upholds the crop top, boudoir, and cutout trends that have been dominating the red carpets for the past year and change, it doesn’t feel trendy, which is pretty much the entire ethos behind quiet luxury.The moral of the story: Trends come and go.

While they can be fun to play with, test out, and embrace, you never have to throw out your personal to do so…and the right LBD is probably the easiest way to dip your toes in..

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