Fila AW22 campaign links with parkour athletes

Fila AW22 campaign links with parkour athletes



They’re wearing the AW22 Fila collection, with “fluidity of movement, creativity and the importance of training at the heart of the campaign”. 

Campaign videos and streetwear-inspired film stills are included with this also being the first official instalment under the Art Of Fila concept that “showcases the industry through various creative forms”. 

Jasmina Wood makes her directorial debut “shining a light on a subculture she is close to”. Alongside director of photography, Chris Thomson “a variety of mediums are used from handy-cameras, iPhones, drones and 360 cameras capturing the essence of the sport,” we’re told. 

Fila added: “Societal rule breakers, nomads and always on the streets, parkour athletes are unique yet uniformed in their love of their sport”. The camaraderie within the community is “demonstrated through powerful narratives” within a series of videos featuring unique athletes. 

The still shots are of parkour athletes training and hanging out on a winter’s night and in the wider campaign, Fila presents “inspiring and thought-provoking stories of what parkour means to them while transcending themes to societal boundaries”. 

The athletes include Joe Scandrett who emphasises the creativity he implements within his movements. 

Meanwhile Rachel Gough is a 20-year-old up-and-coming athlete achieving recognition within her sport. Using parkour as a form of self-expression, she’s known for her roof gap jumps. In her interview she talks of “the trust she has in herself and body to achieve feats not often associated with women in society”.

Other parkour athletes featured are Robbie Griffith and Stanislava ‘Stani’ Kirilova.

Product-wise, the F-Box collection for AW22 takes centre stage, “reimagined for both men and women”. It features soft velour, polar fleece, cosy knitwear, puffer jackets and heritage-inspired sportswear.

And the Unisex collection features loose-fit T-shirts, joggers, quarter zips, hoodies and jumpers, with pieces made from 96% recycled cotton.

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